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Photo by John Rodriguez: 45th Reunion - July 11th 2015

45th Reunion

John Robinson Class of 69 and Tom Harris Class of 1970. This show never got off the ground. Mr Stites didn't get the rights after all that work....David Holbrook was great in the lead.

Some of our Music!


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50th Reunion Info

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50th Reunion Brainstorming

We are beginning to get ideas for our 50th reunion. Email Debby Blanchard at vvccoach@aol.com with you ideas.


50th Reunion Brainstorming

We are beginning to get ideas for our 50th reunion. Email Debby Blanchard at vvccoach@aol.com with you ideas.


45th Reunion: Such a great time for everyone!

The 45th Buena High School reunion took place on July 11th, 2015. We had a great turnout at our amazing venue, The Crowne Plaza on the beach in Ventura. There was just the right mixture of old friends, new friends you didn't know you knew....:). Thanks again to the organizing team for doing such a great job. Those individuals who stepped up to donate raffle prizes and those of you who took the great photos. I am looking for someone to help write blog posts to keep the Buena site updated. Please email me if you like to write and can post something at least once per month.


The 45th Reunion was a huge success! The weather was amazing, the camaraderie was a a high level and fun times were had by all. Thanks to Lynn Miller McReynolds, Loretta Croxen Scott, Fran Belmond Schmeer for putting together the event. I helped a little too.


    Hi everyone! We had such a great time at the 60th Birthday Bash. I look forward to 2015 and our 45th Reunion. Please post your ideas here!




        Welcome to the Buena 1970 website. Please get the word out to any of our school alumni, that our site is up and running and ready for your interaction. I encourage you to post pictures of you and your family, write stories, tell us where life has taken you in the last forty years, and chat with old friends.

        Our 51st reunion was a huge success. Thanks to Debby Blanchard , Joyce Buckels Lane, Karyn Cleary Rannestad, Susan Anderson West and me. (Tom Harris) for organizing the reunion through 2 years of pandemic related ups and downs. Check out some pictures here. Look for the album names that have 51st in them.
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        Also watch for emails. If you don't get an email please send your current email to Debby Blanchard at VVCCoach@aol.com

        We have had four great events since July 2010. Along with our recent 51st reunion we had a fantastic 40th reunion at the Ventura Beach Marriott in 2010. The organizational team of Lynn Miller McReynolds, Loretta Croxen Scott, Fran Belmond Schmeer, Nancy Vail Nauman, Debbie Van Sant Elwel and I put together a terrific party. 
        We had such a good time we decided to have a Group 60th Birthday bash on July 28th 2012. It was very successful! Nancy and I had such a great time! Lynn, Loretta and Fran were the main organizers and did another fantastic job.

        We just had our 45th Reunion, July 11th, 2015 with over 100 in attendance at the Ventura Crowne Plaza on the Beach. Check out the photos on the 45th Reunion pages.

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